Elevator Constructor

The process of becoming an elevator constructor in Norway
An elevator constructor builds, repairs, and maintains elevators. An elevatorman works on construction sites, offices, apartmenthouses, as well as in industrial sites. Another area where elevator-trained personnel are required is in the
off-shore industry. The nature of the work is variable and challenging, no day is the same. The work includes many mechanical devices, where the ability to see and understand complicated functions is imperative. Other fields of work include connecting and testing electrical devices such as all kinds of motors and various steering-systems in what we call a complete elevator. Other areas one must be able to handle are pneumatics and hydraulics since many elevators are driven by oil. Today elevators are being improved daily by modern technology, in the field of electronics as well as mechanically, completely new solutions are in the making beneficial to the customer. Working in so many different environments means the opportunity to meet tradesmen in many fields.

An elevator-man works often alone depending on his own ability to see and understand complicated problems. He is in short often the only person the customer meets, creating good customer-relations lie within his field of responsibilities. His work is his responsibility, be it a large or small job, the goal must always be a satisfied customer.

The elevator construction union is small, few apprentices are hired by the elevator companies yearly. The process of becoming a certified
elevator constructor takes four and a half years. A basic course in the field of electrical applications and a further in-depth course in electronics (VK1) means an apprentice can sign a contract with an elevator company. While the apprentice is under contract he will become aquatinted with virtually all types of work, including trouble-shooting. After two and a half years it is examination time. This means in short building a complete elevator from scratch, during this time a second phase of study is initiated (VK2), which is solely dedicated to the principals of elevators, this last learning process takes six months.