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Training Center

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The Lift Industry Training Center was established in 1988, and is today owned by The Norwegian Elevator Constructors Union (HMF) and The Elevator Constructor Industry of Norway, working hand-in-hand for the best of the industry.

The elevator union (HMF) have two representatives, the elevator industry (HLF) have also two representatives, the chairman of the board is not connected to the industry or the union in any way.

Establishment of The Lift Industry Training Center was a result of wage
agreements achieved in 1986, and thus became an integral part of the general contract as agreed by the union and the elevator industry. All elevator constructors within the HMF were secured a minimum of one week of training directly related to the demands of the industry.

The Lift Industry Training Center is financed by all members of HMF by a
contributing into a fund approximately $10 (NOK93) every 14th day. All members of the elevator construction industry (HLF), and also non-members, contribute the same amount into the aforementioned fund.
All courses are during normal working hours, the participants are payed normal wages by their respective employers.

Courses available

From the beginning in 1988 to the end of 1999 approximately 419 trainingcourses have taken place, roughly 4,223 trainees have attended.

The Lift Industry Training Center is constantly striveing to improve their courses directly related to the elevator industry. Some of the courses available:

  • Electronics
  • Digitaltechnology
  • Hydraulictechnology
  • Regulationtechniques
  • Steeringtechniques
  • Regulations within the Industry
  • Systematic Analysis and Faultfinding

Location and address of The Lift Industry Training Center

The Center is located on the northern outskirts of Oslo in an area called Karihaugen along highway E6.
The address is: Per Kroghs vei 4A, N-1065 Oslo, Norway.


Telephone +47 22 793510 and telefax +47 22 793519.