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Organize, and get the pay you deserve working as a mechanic!

Wonder why elevator work is better paid in Norway than in many other countries? The reason is the strength of the union. Join Heismontørenes Fagforening and become a part of the community.

Benefits, rates of pay, and other beneficial reasons to become a member of Heismontørenes Fagforening – The Norwegian Elevator Union

The collective agreement of the Elevator Union gives you very good rates of pay and other rights on your job. Even companies without a collective agreement follows the level of pay and working conditions from the collective agreement, with a few exceptions.

Today 90 % of all people who work with elevators in Norway is organized in our union!

Companies with a collective agreement:

  • Schindler
  • Kone
  • Otis
  • Thyssenkrupp
  • Uniheis
  • Ing. Stein Knutsen
  • Heis-Tek
  • Orona

We need new members in order to establish the collective agreement in more companies. The collective agreement is a minimum and serves as blueprint, but usually the companies have even better agreements locally!

Summary of the collective agreement, our elevator union agreement

  • The company always have to use permanent hired employees, not agency companies.
  • Minimum pay for elevator mechanic is 330,- NOK/ € 33,69 per hour
  • Minimum pay for unskilled worker is 298,- NOK/ €30,42 per hour
  • Working hours is 37,5 hours per week, Monday-Friday between 0700-1700
  • If you work more than 37,5 hours a week, you get 50% overtime pay, minimum pay is 495,- NOK per hour. You get paid 50% overtime until 9PM. After 9PM you get 100% overtime, minimum pay is 660,- NOK per hour.
  • All working hours on Saturdays and Sundays are minimum paid 660,- NOK per hour
  • If you work on an elevator that is so far away that you cannot sleep in your own home, all working hours are paid an additional 15%, minimum per hour is 379,- NOK. You will also receive a minimum of 4 hours paid by the company to prepare for the travel. Also the company pays for your time traveling to and from the destination and all travel expenses. You will also be allowed to travel home every 2 weeks, paid by the company. The company pays your travel insurance. The company pays for the hotel and food during your stay.
  • You get 5 weeks paid holiday every year. You get paid without work on these dates: New Year ’s Day, Easter, Christmas, 17th of May, 1th of May and on all other “red days”.
  • Safety at work: Building workers are often pressed on time. In order to prevent accidents the union works a lot with safety at work. Our experienced security delegates support all members in issues regarding safety at work.

How much does it cost?

  • 2,8 % in union dues of your hourly pay (you can deduct annually up to 3850,- NOK in taxable income to government of Norway).
  • Mandatory insurance for your home or house inventory/theft and an insurance covering accidents in your free time (apples worldwide) for 108,- NOK per month (You can choose other insurances later, like travel insurance and insuring your wife/spouse or children)

Why join the Norwegian Elevator Union?

  • Employees centrally and all over Norway that are ready to help you.
  • Information activities, annual football tournament ++
  • Meetings and conferences for representatives and members
  • We offer training to all members. There are many varieties, both for new members and experienced elevator mechanics. Classes are free for members and all expenses are covered, including a possible loss of wages (lost earnings) to participate.
  • Influence at your workplace
  • Securing salaries and working conditions
  • Continuing education, and honing your skills in trade
  • Bargaining power in your company and collectively
  • One of Norways best insurance packages
  • Support you if for example; you have been unfairly dismissed, or have other problems in the company.
  • Through your membership you have free access to the country’s best lawyers in labour law.
  • Financial support from the union if needed
  • The Elevator Union works for good pensions
  • Elevator Union Members’ magazine 4 times a year

One of The Norwegian Elevator Unions main objectives is to create collective agreements on all elevator companies where we have members. The collective agreement provides elevator mechanics more rights. Remember that your life consists of 8 hours of work – 8 hours of spare time, and 8 hours of rest! You spend much of your life at your workplace and it’s important that you make sure you have a better influence through your membership with us.