FGTB-MWB & ABVV Metaal i Belgia støtter heismontørene

Dear Markus,
Dear Alexander,

By this way the delegation of the Belgium’s socialist union from Schindler, Technilift, Kone, Thyssenkrupp and Otis wishing to bring their solidarity against the antisocial policy of the Norwegian Schindler Management.

Managers all over the world need to know that the trade union officer represents the workers who, every day, make up the wealth of the company.
The strength of a company lies in its human members.
Being against the Union officer is being against the workers!

Together we stand and we will support every action possible to make this anti-social decision undone.

You have to know that we all communicate the scandalous attitude of Schindler !

The workers of the elevator companies are one big family and if they touch one of us, they touch all of us!


The Union delegation of FGTB-MWB and ABVV Metaal from Belgium
ABVV Metaal : Christophe Lanckmans
FGTB-MWB: Gregory Dascotte

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