Heismontørene i Unite NEYH avdeling 208/1 i Storbritannia støtter heismontørene i Schindler

Heismontørenes Fagforening mottok følgende støtteuttalelse fra heismontørene i Unite NEYH avdeling 208/1 i Storbritannia.

Hello Markus

I hope you are safe and well.

It has been brought to my attention that we have Schindler comrades in Norway who are presently in dispute. Please forward our international support and solidarity from all members of Unite NEYH branch 208/1 lifts and escalators.

I will be contacting my Regional and National sector committees to raise the profiĺe of the dispute.

In Solidarity 
Mick Joyce
NNC Chair Kone UK
Branch chair NEYH lift & escalator engineers