Heismontørene i Scottish Lift Engineers at Unite the Union i Storbritannia støtter heismontørene i Schindler

Heismontørenes Fagforening mottok følgende støtteuttalelse fra heismontørene i Scottish Lift Engineers at Unite the Union i Storbritannia.

Dear Markus 

The Chair of my Branch, Scottish Lift Engineers at Unite the Union, has brought to my attention the present difficulties you are facing with Schindler in Norway. 

I understand that in Norway your industrial relation laws require a greater degree of consultation and agreement between employers and the unions but, from my own personal experience in the United Kingdom, it does not surprise me in the slightest that Schindler management do not believe those laws apply to them! 

I am curious as to what Schindler are trying to impose? For background, for years when doing a Callback the system used by Schindler UKC generates what is called a “combined visit”. This means that the system adds an Inspection Visit on to the Callback. Initially, when this was introduced, this caused unease with the engineers who felt the customer was not getting what they had paid for. Over the years this has now been mostly accepted as not a problem as the Inspection Visit covers so few items (alarm, car lighting, push buttons and door safeties). I wonder if that is now what is being introduced in Norway.

What none of us find acceptable is the behaviour of Schindler Management towards Reps who are simply representing their members wishes.We have been through a similar situation in the United Kingdom with our Senior Rep a few years ago but we are held back by very strong anti union legislation in the action we could take. 

We therefore send you our best wishes in solidarity in your fight to protect your Reps and your members.  

Kindest Regards in Solidarity
Andrew Page 
Branch Secretary of Scottish Lift Engineers at Unite the Union
Senior Steward of Schindler UKC National Negotiating Committee

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